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Learn about my:
Yoga & Meditation Retreats


Certified as an Ananda™
Yoga Teacher, Mary
teaches from a place of
reverence for this
honoured tradition, based
on the teachings of
Paramahansa Yogananda
through his disciple,
Swami Kriyananda.
singlpix.gif - 49 Bytes The Goal:

To enjoy life
from a place of happiness,
peace, energy and
a higher awareness.

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Some Basics:

Focussing on the breath gives you the tool to consciously draw you away from outward distractions and relax the chatter of your mind.

The use of the Energization Exercises are an amazing tool in preparation for asana practice. They allow you to connect with your body at the various muscle group level(s), to lubricate your joints for mobility & flexibility and to encourage & increase oxygenated blood flow throughout. On another level, they help to train you on how to bring the flow of energy / prana under your control & direction.

The Hatha Yoga postures / asanas allow you to start with the physical aspect of self as you move in and out of each pose using the breath. Moving at a conscious pace allows you to reconnect with the many subtleties of your body. It offers you the opportunity to move with grace and awareness. Thus, giving you the ability to progress as you build flexibility, strength & balance.

With Ananda™ Yoga, the use of affirmations help to deepen the experience, allowing your consciousness to attune to the essence of the pose.

picextrend.jpg - 7039 Bytes singlpix.gif - 49 Bytes And after all the preparatory work you have done, you are now ready to practice meditation. Various meditation techniques & visualizations are taught.

The combination of yoga and meditation is an excellent way to release stress in the body and the mind.

Through the (Ananda system of) energization excercises, Hatha Yoga postures and breathwork, tension is eased out of your body and mind.

Completing the class with meditation brings your focus to a more relaxed & restive space.

Mary Vickars
Certified Ananda™ Yoga & Meditation Teacher

Based on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda through his Disciple, Swami Kriyanana

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